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Remote Access VPN- Securely access your office PC from anywhere in the world'

Spam / Junk Email Filter 'Industry leading anti-spam/junk email filtering'

Firewall / Network Security 'Network Security is an unfortunate requirement in today's workplace.  We'll show you what's required to protect your network from security threats.

Website Content Filtering / Internet Usage Monitoring ' Curtail time -wasting internet surfing instant messageing, stock trading, gambling, inappropriate websites.  Keep the illegal activities off of your network with a website content filtering solution.'

Computer Repair / Hardware Support 'PC repairs, new hardware. We can recommend a cost effective way to get more life from an older PC, or recommend a sensible upgrade to a new unit.'

Software Support 'Email Server, MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) , Accounting (Peachtree, QuickBooks), - we have experience with the most popular software products.'

Hardware / Software Sales ' We sell all the major reliable software titles and hardware components.'

Email Server ' Learn to use your server effectively. Bring your email server - in-house to benefit from email sharing, contact sharing, calendar sharing, meeting scheduling and collaboration.'

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